Please check out our frequently asked questions. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach out to us!

How are you handling COVID-19 at The Red Light Spa?

Your safety and health are priority to us at The Red Light Spa! We are taking all necessary safety precautions regarding CDC guidelines for COVID 19. Masks must be worn except for when you are in a session. Temperatures will be taken and you will be asked to reschedule your session for another day if you have a fever (anything above 100.4F). You will also be asked to wash your hands after checking in. We are not accepting walk-in appointments at this time. Please book your appointment through the mind body app, or by calling The Red Light Spa directly at 315-400-3210.

Do we appreciate your business as well as your feedback?

YES!!! We are sincerely thankful for your valued business as well as your feedback! Please share your reviews with us and the community. We’re social! Like. Follow. Share.... On your favorite social media sites!

Do you accept walk-ins?

We are not accepting walk in appointments at this time.We are happy to accommodate any last minute appointment requests. Please book your appointment on our website in advance or through the Mind Body App. Please call The Red Light Spa directly at 315-400-3210 to verify immediate availability .

What time should I arrive?

For your first appointment, be sure to arrive about 15 minutes early. This will provide you with plenty of time to get familiarized with the process and sign our waivers if you have not done so. You can save time by downloading our Consent Form off our website, printing it, and bringing it with you to your first appointment. Click HERE and download our Consent Form. On returning sessions, we suggest arriving about 10 minutes before your scheduled session.

How do I prepare for a Session?

HYDRATE!! It is very important to properly hydrate before and after any infrared sauna or body wrap sweat sessions. Please avoid alcohol within 12 hours prior to your session.

Can I Drink Water During a Session?

YES!! We strongly advise it. Feel free to bring your own bottled water or you may purchase bottled water here. We do NOT allow beverages or food items of any kind in our sauna cabins.

What clothes do I  wear?

For Infrared Sauna Sessions we will provide you with a full towel service as well as comfortable robes that can be worn into our Relaxation Lounge. We suggest loose clothing for after your sweat and bringing a hydrating beverage. Bottled water is available for purchase. For Infrared Body Wrap sessions, we will provide you with a comfortable sweatshirt, pants and socks. We suggest loose clothing following your Body wrap session as well.

Do you have showers?

We do NOT have showers at The Red Light Spa and for maximum benefit, we suggest waiting 1-2 hours post your sweat session to shower. Your body will continue pushing toxins out as it cools itself naturally.

What is your cancellation policy?

We understand... things happen! But please be courteous and cancel at least 2 hrs prior to any sauna or sweat sessions. A late cancellation will be charged 50% of your booked service, a no show will be charged 100% of your booked service. We appreciate your understanding.

How can I schedule an appointment?

We take appointments through our website, or through the Mindbody app and Mindbody website. Of course you can always call us! The Red Light Spa 315-400-3210

How long are sessions?

Sauna sessions may be purchased in 30-minute, 45-minute or 60- minute increments. Our Body Wraps are 50 minute sessions and our Red Light Therapy is a 20 minute session. Remember to take time to visit our Relaxation Lounge! Relax. Recover. Renew.

Can I  enjoy a sauna session with another person?

Yes! Each of our saunas accommodate up to 3 people. If you choose to sauna with a friend or guest, please note that our online system cannot make reservations for more than one person in a sauna, so please be sure to provide a note when scheduling online or call us to schedule this type of appointment.

Can I have a Body Wrap with another person?

No. Our Body Wraps are each located in a private suite but you can be close by . Of course you can book your session at the same time and meet up in our Relaxation Lounge following your treatment.

Are the  Sauna Cabins and Body Wraps sanitary?

Yes! Infrared light naturally eliminates the presence of viral, bacterial, and fungal toxins. Additionally, our staff cleans and sanitizes the sauna cabins and Body Wraps after each use.

Will The Red Light Spa Sweat sessions help with a hangover?

Sure can! Although proper hydration is imperative! Make sure you drink plenty of water pre and post your Infrared Sauna and Body Wrap sessions for the best results possible. HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE!! Please do not consume alcohol within 12 hours prior to your session.

Who should NOT use our Infrared Sauna Cabins and Body Wraps?

  • Women who are pregnant
  • Anyone with a fever
  • Anyone with a communicable disease
  • Anyone with hemophilia
  • Anyone intoxicated or dehydrated
  • Anyone with respiratory disease or breathing challenges
  • Anyone with insensitivity to heat or a condition that affects your body's ability to sweat
  • Anyone undergoing chemotherapy treatment
  • Children under the age of 14
  • Anyone advised not to use saunas or hot tubs or body wraps
  • Whenever in doubt, consult your doctor before booking any treatment or session.

How Many Calories Can I Burn?

This number will vary depending on age, physiology and other factors. Most users will burn between 600-1,200 calories during a session.

How often can I use the Sauna Cabins and Body Wraps?

Once a day is the maximum, and every other day or 2-3 times per week will ensure proper hydration and ideal results.

Can I take an Infrared Hot Yoga or any other Hot Yoga Class prior to a Sauna session or Body Wrap?

NO. It is not advised to take a class immediately pre or post a sauna or body wrap session.

Do we appreciate your business as well as your feedback?

Hell,Yes! WE DID NOT FORGET WE ALREADY ASKED THIS QUESTION AT THE TOP OF THIS PAGE. We are so appreciative we want to tell you again! We are sincerely thankful for your valued business as well as your feedback! Please share your reviews with us and the community. We’re social! Like. Follow. Share.... On your favorite social media sites!