Due to the hardship of Covid 19 The Red Light Spa will be permanently CLOSING May 27, 2022. All Gift Certificates and packages must be used by this time. Massage is no longer available. Gift certificates for massage will be refunded or exchanged for services .


The Red Light Spa is the first all in one Luxury Wellness Spa specializing in Infrared Saunas, Unique Infrared Yoga Classes, Red Light Therapy, Normatec Compression Therapy, Infrared Body Wraps and Massage.


Our state of the art technology offers physical and emotional well being for the body and mind. We are a destination, an experience and a lifestyle.




Infrared Therapy is an innovative light-based therapy method and is now being used in different fields of medicine to treat pain and inflammation. Infrared utilizes light energy that raises the temperature of the core body. This causes vibrating molecules to loosen stored toxins through sweat. Meaning heavy metals, environmental pollutants, alcohol, and etc. get flushed out. It even allows the optimization of blood flow and fresh nutrients to flood the body. Aside from being safe, natural, noninvasive, and painless, infrared has the ability to penetrate deep layers of skin that provide a wide range of health benefits without damaging the skin. As a matter of fact, infrared light has the ability to penetrate the inner layers of our skin 2-7 centimeters deep. The deeper the heat penetration to the body the greater the benefits. 


There are three types, or wavelengths, of Infrared Heat. These include Near Infrared, Mid Infrared, and Far-Infrared.


Near-Infrared - this is the shortest wavelength that is absorbed just below the surface of the skin creating a sweat that promotes healing and revitalization.


Mid Infrared - this is a longer wavelength that can penetrate deeper into the body increasing circulation and releasing oxygen to reach injured areas.


Far Infrared - this is the longest wavelength that penetrates the fat cells deeply causing vasodilation where fat cells vibrate to expel toxins resulting in the greatest levels of detoxification stimulating your metabolism and aiding in weight loss.


The Red Light Spa luxury Sauna Cabins are Full Spectrum Infrared saunas equipped with advanced near, mid, and far technologies providing all wavelengths 100 percent of the time optimizing your sauna experience. 


Our Body Wraps produce Far Infrared Heat which is applied directly to your body so no heat is lost. This heat penetrates deep into the body up to 1.5" into the dermis allowing the most benefits.


This UV-free light is beneficial when applied directly to the skin as it can reduce fine lines and wrinkles, temporarily increase blood circulation, and treat mild to moderate acne.


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